About the Diploma

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About the course

About the One-year Holistic Aromatherapy Correspondence Diploma Course. I.F.A. Registered course number: 07/04/0195 This course aims to provide extensive and thoughtful training, to a wide range of students, through a carefully constructed and inspiring course of home study, complemented by stimulating practical tuition workshops. We teach not only the physical uses of essential oils, but also the holistic, subtle and ethical aspects of aromatherapy. We aim to be 'holistic' in a large sense - promoting an awareness of the wider implications of our activities and the use of materials. In a world and a culture that has been over-exploited our self-aware, ethically conscious aromathera [...] Read more about About the course

The teaching and the Tutor

THE TEACHING The teaching style is student-centred, encouraging each student to develop their individual distinctive style from their own unique life experience and talents. We also encourage personal development to run alongside with professional development. WHO IS YOUR TUTOR? LINDSAY WOODMAN BA hons. LLSA, MIFA. REIKI MASTER. Principal and founder of the Welsh School of Aromatherapy/ Ysgol Aromatherapi Cymru, Lindsay is a practicing IFA accredited aromatherapist and a qualified teacher. Trained as a Holistic Aromatherapist with the London School of Aromatherapy, Lindsay gained a Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma, with honours, in 1996. She is a member of the International Federat [...] Read more about The teaching and the Tutor

The Students

This diploma is available for men and women from their early twenties to their sixties, even those with no formal educational qualifications, but it must be stressed a good standard of written English is needed, both in understanding the course material and completing the written assignments. Life experience is very useful to the future practitioner, which means that we prefer that applicants do not apply straight from school. Applicants should also be fairly physically fit to complete the massage, and be willing to receive massage, which is an integral and enjoyable part of aromatherapy training. If you enjoy a whole-food, ethical food, take regular exercise, use some de-stressing tec [...] Read more about The Students

What is the IFA?

Established in 1985 by aromatherapists for aromatherapists the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) is the longest established organisation for professional aromatherapists in the world. Originally formed in 1985 to act as an independent representative body for the profession of aromatherapy and has in place Standards and Ethics and a Code of Practice. Accredited independent training establishments who adhere to the IFA's high standards, such as the Welsh School of Aromatherapy, run the courses. Since its formation, the Federation has been at the forefront of developments within the aromatherapy profession and pioneered the use of aromatherapy in hospitals, hospices; specia [...] Read more about What is the IFA?

Payment plans

Fee for 2013 to 2014 academic year: £3,400 WHICH INCLUDES: All modules - aromatherapy, massage, anatomy and physiology and business studies; Personal tuition with weekly lessons, assignments, marking of written work, assessment and feedback; Four course manuals; Anatomy and Physiology text book; Seven practical training and developmental weekends in beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales; The use of carrier oils and essential oils during the practical sessions; In-house examination fees; Feedback and Support with all practical work. DISCOUNTS AND SPECIAL PROMOTIONS For those who pay the full fee when enrolling, we are offering a discount of £100. For those who [...] Read more about Payment plans

Massage Module Taster

Massage mind-body link. Massage has a profound effect on our health. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, passively stretches, aids digestion, increases alertness, reduces anxiety and by stimulating the lymphatic system, speeds up elimination of wastes products. During massage, there is increased intensity and frequency of alpha brain waves, which is associated with deep relaxation. During this relaxation response a person is in a very pleasant state floating between being awake and asleep, similar to meditation. It even helps the masseur's blood pressure go down, like stroking a cat! Massage is like an active meditation - calm and absorbing. The quiet rhythm relaxes the masseur - [...] Read more about Massage Module Taster

The Welsh Healing Tradition

Wales is famous for its great rugby players, singers, bards and of course its healers. There has been a long tradition in the use of medicine in Wales using traditional and local plants and its ancestry contains fine healers both mortal and mythical. The Druids were revered for their healer priests, who used magic and herbal medicines in aiding the population's health. In these early times the priests were considered part of the chief sources of wisdom of the land combined work of spiritual teaching with the healing of the body. Medicine, meddyginiaeth , was included in the nine rural arts known and practiced by the ancient Welsh in as far back as 1,000 B.C. The early knowledge of the m [...] Read more about The Welsh Healing Tradition

How to Apply

To apply for the Diploma: Please download the application form (pdf format ), print it out and complete it; Write an A4 page in your own handwriting on why you wish to study aromatherapy, tell us about yourself and what you hope to gain from the course; Attach a passport size photograph with your name clearly written on the back; Enclose a non-refundable £10 registration fee. Selection. The school may receive more applications than can be accepted. In this case candidates will be selected who are deemed most likely to successfully complete the course. Fees will be due on acceptance. Sut i wneud cais: Mae rhaid llenwi y ffurflen cais; Ysgrifennwch dudalen A4, [...] Read more about How to Apply

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