Archif am Hydref, 2009

Aroma-Reiki – How to use aromatherapy with Reiki

Dydd Sadwrn, Hydref 31st, 2009

We smell the invisible molecules of essential oils that flow into the air through evaporation, and these molecules affect the way we feel.  Essential oils are often referred to as the spiritual essence of the plant, and so are particularly useful in healing our spirit, which makes aromatherapy combined with Reiki an exquisite combination.

An aromatherapy burner with water and a few drops of an appropriate essential oil will clean and perfume the air bringing the energy of its plant into the healing space.   This is a more pleasant and generally healthier than burning joss sticks, which often contain a combination of unnatural and cloying fragrances with smoke. But if you prefer this method of scenting the room there are some Tibetan joss sticks available that contain only herbal substances or you could use natural incense with a small charcoal burner.

One drop of an appropriate essential oil placed on your palms before you work will bring additional healing energy. Juniperberry essential oil clears and protects both you and your environment.  Simply put one drop of juniper in the palm of your hand, rub the palms of both your hands together gently.  As the aroma rises use your hands to massage over your aura, not forgetting behind, above and below.

Try bathing in up to six drops of an essential oil before or after healing work to cleanse, focus and relax. Diluting essential oils when using them in the bath with a little shampoo or in full fat milk.

Rosewater sprayed in the healing space is very safe to use and wonderfully calming.
Frankincense creates spiritual release and releases past pain
Lavender calms
Lemon focuses the attention
Rose resonates with love
Orange and other citrus feed the soul
Vetivert earths electrical mental energy
Cedarwood gives confidence