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Danièle Ryman’s Secrets of youth and beauty, aromatherapy for natural rejuvenation review

Dydd Iau, Mawrth 17th, 2011

Danièle Ryman’s Secrets of youth and beauty, aromatherapy for natural rejuvenation
Published by Rodale ISBN 978-1-905744-06-0
RRP: £18.99

Danièle Ryman’s Secrets of youth and beauty aromatherapy for natural rejuvenation is a stylish hardback, with beautiful coloured pages denoting the sections and chapters, making it both aesthetically satisfying and easy to use. There are also pleasing colour photo’s completing the look of this book. It would grace any coffee table, but this book is so much more. We are so used to the ‘beauty’ industry hijacking aromatherapy with products that contain a little essential oil; here in contrast, it is refreshing to read about real aromatherapy beauty using genuinely nourishing ingredients.

In this book Danièle Ryman brings to aromatherapists an important link to our British and worldwide aromatic lineage. The title also pays homage to Madame Marguerite Maury by reflecting her 1960’s classic book title ‘The Secret of Life and Youth’. Danièle was an assistant to Madame Maury, the French biochemist who developed the method of applying oils to the skin with massage creating the true practice of modern aromatherapy. In the introduction we are treated to Marguerite Maury’s first prescription for Danièle…

“When I complained of a little wrinkle appearing around my eye at the age of 22. She made me a special oil, for which I still have the recipe: geranium, neroli, eucalyptus, rose, mixed in a carrier oil of avocado, hazelnut and almond. It smelt beautiful and was so effective that from that moment I was hooked.

Danièle has had 40 years of experience for herself and we can now access recipes, which have their origins in Madam Maury’s wisdom, but are hereby brought firmly into the 21st century. This book, packed full of tried and tested recipes that have been refined over the years, is one that every aromatherapist should have in her or his collection, These blends still retain their purity and simplicity with quality, natural ingredients, designed to be created freshly for individuals, again reflecting Madam Maury’s Individual Prescriptions or ‘IP’s’.

Daniel works with an authenticity above and beyond the off-the-shelf products and, naturally her beauty products do not poison us with preservatives or synthetic colours, but work by enhancing the natural health of our skin, nails and hair. As a well-referenced and comprehensively indexed book, this complete portfolio of working practice contains a vast number of recipes which will have the student or working aromatherapist returning to its pages again and again.

The book is written in three parts. Part One focuses on the plants and oils for beauty and anti-aging and I found many interesting new facts not listed in my normal essential oil pharmacopoeia. Part Two has many recipes for face and body beauty and anti-aging treatments, including colouring grey hair and styling hair recipes and many healthy skin beautifying treatments. One lovely recipe that caught my eye that I look forward to trying when in the fruit is in season, was for real fresh cherry lip-gloss, which I expect to be tasty as well as effective. The process of beautifying with these natural recipes often using herbal, fruit and floral material reminds me of childhood days spent making rose-petal perfume, but these recipes have been tested through Danièle’s extensive practice and promise to deliver as well as being delightful to make. Part Three focuses on pampering including regaining vitality, enhancing your sex life and creating perfume.

This book is Danielle’s Ryan’s personal “Book of Spells” and we are privileged to be allowed into its pages. Although deeply rooted in the past ‘Secrets of beauty and youth’ is planted firmly in the future, providing access to highly desirable real and pure beauty products. Increasingly, people want to know that what they put on their skin is wholesome and that it does not exploit the planet we live on. Daniele sign the IFA copy I have been reviewing with “Let’s hope this will be the start of something great” and I believe that this is.

Reviewed by Lindsay Woodman, principal of the Welsh School of Aromatherapy and creator of the Mermaid Natural Spa in Portmeirion Village North Wales opening April 8th 2011 which provides authentic individualised treatments, organic hair and beauty.