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Cyweiriad Reiki

The Welsh School of Aromatherapy is delighted to offer Reiki training as Professional Development for aromatherapy students and professionals.

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Reiki I Attunement

Reiki I is the entry level. The student is attuned to Reiki energy for the healing of themselves, others, plants and animals. At this level we will discuss the body’s energy centres known as the Chakras. Reiki training with the Welsh School of Aromatherapy includes the delightful combination of Reiki and Aromatherapy, or ‘Aroma-Reiki’ and learning which essential oils are effective in working with each of the seven Chakras. This one-day attunement is open to all.

Reiki II Attunement

Reiki II is the practitioner level, enabling students to become Reiki Therapists. The student works with symbols and is shown meditation techniques to allow them to access and direct the Reiki energy in a more focused manner. Distance healing and other techniques are also taught. Before Reiki II attunement you will need to provide a copy of your Reiki I certificate. This one-day attunement is open to those who have completed Reiki I.

On each Reiki level you will learn how and why Reiki works, its historical background as well as experience the Attunement. After the Attunements we consolidate the theory with lovely practice sessions where you will both give and receive Reiki. You will also receive a certificate and your own Reiki Manual to take home with you containing all the workshop information as well as documenting your personal Reiki lineage.

Continued Professional Development (CPD’s) Qualified therapists can count Reiki Attunements as 7 points for each day attended.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also promotes healing. Developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1900’s, Reiki treatment is given by the simple age-old technique of the laying on of hands, which can be learned by anyone. Reiki arose from Tantric Teachings that originated from the Japanese Tendai Buddhist monks. It is not a religion and holds no doctrines or creeds.

Reiki Master Lindsay Woodman will be your tutor. She was trained in the Usui Tradition, has been working with Reiki energy for 14 years and is a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Working in clinics, hospitals and in homes, Lindsay incorporates Reiki into her aromatherapy practice and has worked in the areas of elderly, palliative, mental health, pregnancy and childbirth care as well as for carers, adults and children. She loves giving Reiki to plants and animals, and has often infused her aromatherapy remedies with Reiki.

Cyrsiau Eraill