Successful Healthy Living Day in Barmouth by Carol Harvey

What a wonderful day despite the rain. Many people turned out, along with the local band, police, coast guards and all the local children’s clubs. For the adults there was Line and Spanish dancing and many healthy food stalls, with not a beer tent or hotdog stall in sight. Wonderful.

I shared a marquee with my daughter’s nutrition stand that was representing Aberystwyth University, which was good as many people came to try the free healthy foods. I had made information posters with photographs and people came to smell the different aromas on smelling strips, which were a great success. While the children went to do competitions on the nutrition stall their parents came to chat with me and were really interest. Although many people had heard of aromatherapy not many knew much about it.

I explaining the oils and their uses and told them about the Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma that is run by our Welsh School of Aromatherapy. Between speaking I also completed three hand massages. Interestingly one receiver of the massage loved the smell of fennel essential oil, and while I massaged her hands with a blend containing fennel she told me that she had been ill the night before with nausea and wind pain. She was amazed when I told her that these conditions are helped by the use of fennel.

To sum up the whole day, it was a very worthwhile experience and I will be there next year, having already having been asked, as our contribution was very much appreciated.

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