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The teaching style is student-centred, encouraging each student to develop their individual distinctive style from their own unique life experience and talents. We also encourage personal development to run alongside with professional development.



Principal and founder of the Welsh School of Aromatherapy/ Ysgol Aromatherapi Cymru, Lindsay is a practicing IFA accredited aromatherapist and a qualified teacher.

Trained as a Holistic Aromatherapist with the London School of Aromatherapy, Lindsay gained a Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma, with honours, in 1996. She is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

A practising Holistic Aromatherapist since 1996 in Gwynedd North Wales, she has run her own practice for over thirteen years. She is a specialist in aromatherapy for pregnancy and childbirth. Experienced in palliative care, through working within the Hospice care. She has also set up a natural body products business and has been teaching aromatherapy since 1998, including for Open College Network qualifications with Coleg Harlech adult education college.

A Reiki Master, she incorporates the therapy into her practice. She also uses Bach Flower Remedies and biochemical aromatherapy.

Lindsay is the owner of The Mermaid Spa in Portmeirion which provides natural treatments www.portmeirionspa.co.uk

Holistic teaching

Lindsay works with great enthusiasm and with a passion for the expansive nature of holistic living and aromatherapy, which has drawn her into training others to work as aromatherapists. In this course she enjoys communicating the pleasures of the art and the exacting nature of the science of aromatherapy.

Her teaching encourages the students to take responsibility for their own physical, emotional and spiritual health, which in turn develops the student’s abilities as therapists to others. She teaches with absolute integrity, which brings a deep focus into the work. Embracing the concept that learning never stops for herself and with her students, she encourages them to enjoy the journey towards of aquiring knowledge, and the active process towards being a fine holistic aromatherapist.

Lindsay is willing to help students with any difficulty during the course, and also will have consideration of any student who falls behind due to illness, family pressures or other unavoidable problems.
Lavender fields in provence
Nothing is more memorable than a smell…and when we breathe we pass the world through our bodies, brew it lightly, and turn it loose again, gently altered for having known us.
– Diane Ackerman

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