About the Diploma

The Students

This diploma is available for men and women from their early twenties to their sixties, even those with no formal educational qualifications, but it must be stressed a good standard of written English is needed, both in understanding the course material and completing the written assignments. Life experience is very useful to the future practitioner, which means that we prefer that applicants do not apply straight from school. Applicants should also be fairly physically fit to complete the massage, and be willing to receive massage, which is an integral and enjoyable part of aromatherapy training.

If you enjoy a whole-food, ethical food, take regular exercise, use some de-stressing technique and care about your immediate and wider environment you will already have awareness of the philosophy of the course. All you need is an enthusiasm for aromatherapy, a willingness to learn and a keenness to study.

The course

“Excellent course, very enjoyable and an excellent tutor. “

Students in practice at the school“(The)…aromatherapy course has given me so much, facilitated so much healing…I am not the same person who first got in touch with you at the end of July, not at all.”

“I have really enjoyed the course. Thank you Lindsay, you made the studying interesting. ”

The practical work

“I love the workshop weekend. I love giving – and receiving massages! I adore working with the essential oils themselves – I feel that I have made a whole new set of friends! … and I have grown immensely on a spiritual dimension. It has also deepened my sense of appreciation of the physical body to a level of, almost, reverence. ”

“I’ll always remember the time I centred myself before the first massage and realising YES!”

“I really enjoy the practical sessions. I enjoy the massage and it is really good to get together with the other students.”

The tutor

“The thing I liked most about this tutor is the trust I have in her ‘caring’ nature and respect her ongoing love of aromatherapy and her ability to convey ‘holistic’ qualities to me.”

” (You have)… humour, patience, compassion, ultimate approachability. You inspire confidence. I feel I couldn’t have a better tutor. ”

“I found the last workshop hugely helpful and enjoyable and go such a lot out of it, not least because of your usual level of meticulous care and attention to detail and great patience and understanding. ”

…And don’t forget the essential oils!

“As for taking a bath with essential oils…WOW!!! I tried last week with lavender and chamomile and was completely blown away – the sensation of deep connection was similar to meditation or experiences with ritual. It also felt like dear old friends had come up to me and put their arms around me, incredibly joyful and comforting.”

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